the most romantic sinking city~ Venice, Italy

Venice Edits-1

no amount of time would be enough to capture every beautiful corner of this sinking city; though eight hours spent meandering the serpentine of labyrinth streets of venice did yield more photos than any other city i’ve been in. there’s something legendary feeling about a city where you can step down a few stairs, find yourself at water level and also be standing by a door half covered by water. should have thrown a coin into the canals to make a wish to take me back to this beautiful city- one day.

Venice Edits-3

Venice Edits-4

Venice Edits-8

Venice Edits-9

Venice Edits-12

Venice Edits-31

Venice Edits-19

Venice Edits-22

Venice Edits-16

Venice Edits-26

Venice Edits-25

Venice Edits-35

Venice Edits-38


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